Stage 1 Beveled Edge Velcro White Pad 150mm_1Stage 1 Beveled Edge Velcro White Pad 150mm_2Stage 1 Beveled Edge Velcro White Pad 150mm_3Stage 1 Beveled Edge Velcro White Pad 150mm_4
High quality sponge / pad range for the professional user. The foam pads are professionally designed for the restoration of cars painted surfaces and daily maintenance. The whole range is made from a polyester sponge which has the added advantage of an excellent tensile strength and durability. This gives the product a service life which is several times longer than the ordinary sponge. Suggested polishing revolving speed is between 1000-2000 rpm depending on the paint. Cutting / compounding pads are the most aggressive pads. Used with a cutting compound that has a high level of cut or aggressiveness. First step in removing surface defects. 150mm x 30mm x 120mm velcro area. Very strong cutting force foam. Removes severe oxidation, scratches and swirls. Color - white. All pads are supplied in a resealable bag, ensuring they can be kept away from dirt or contaminates when not in use.