Grinder-Polisher and Pads. 17 pcs_1Grinder-Polisher and Pads. 17 pcs_2Grinder-Polisher and Pads. 17 pcs_3Grinder-Polisher and Pads. 17 pcs_4Grinder-Polisher and Pads. 17 pcs_5
Polishing kit. Heavy-duty professional quality tool ruggedly designed for many years of reliable service. 1/8” & 1/4”, non-slip collets. High-torque, 4 vane, ball bearing motor. Variable Speed Control. 20,000 RPM Free Speed. Polishing supplies: Wool polishing pad set, buffing mop pad set, lambswool buffing pad set, 8 piece polishing foam pad set: Green (coarse), Yellow (medium), Blue (fine) & Red (extra fine), and Backing pads to hold foam pads for detail polising & buffing.