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Laser alignment (line and beam) tool combined with 2 spirit levels. Ideal for DIY, as well as checking alignment of vehicle wheels in relationship to each other & the vehicle centre line. Use with Gunson 77137 - Trakrite Camber Bar. Class 2 laser, wave length (Line): 653nm, point: 650nm. Red Laser line width: 100LUX 3mm @ 3m; red laser point diameter 100LUX 15mm @ 20m. Working range: Line 3m, point 20m. 2 x spirit level vials: 1 x 90 degrees, 1 x 180 degrees. Supplied with adjustable mounting bracket. For DIY and Automotive use. For Automotive, use with Gunson Trakrite Camber Bar, Part No. 77137, for checking front to back initial wheel alignment, alignment of body mouldings & stickers, etc. [CE] [RoHS]