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Puff is a soft and light non-woven fabric (100% polypropylene 60 g/m2) that won’t scratch your car paintwork. The Bogart indoor Puff car cover protects your car against dust and dirt inside the garage. It is an economic solution that keeps your car clean. It is lightweight, very handy and easy to store. Size: 490x186x148cm. Standard packaging: Puff bag INSTRUCTIONS OF USE CAREFUL! THIS CAR COVER IS NOT WATERPROOF AND SHOULD NOT BE USED OUTDOORS. AVOID SUN EXPOSURE. 1 - Use the cover on a clean car. 2 - For an easier fitting of the car cover fold the wing mirrors and lower the aerial to prevent the material from ripping. 3 - Do not cover the car if it is wet. 4 - This car cover can be washed with warm water and neutral washing detergents. Do not wring. Do not tumble. Do not spin.


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