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Pneumatic Planishing Hammer - 498MM THROAT

Reduce the time you spend working on smoothing a panel, making domed or custom parts with this pneumatic hammer. It will do a better job and is much faster than using a hammer and dolly by hand. Pneumatic planishing hammers are used for shaping sheet metal by hammering against a shaped surface. Needs 12cfm at normal airline pressure giving about 875 to 1350 blows per minute. 498mm Throat (19"). Stainless Steel Main Shaft and Hardened Steel Hammer Head. Complete with: - foot pedal. - filter/regulator. - 1 hammer head. - 3 Dies (32 mm diameter, 1", 2" and 3" radius). SPECIFICATIONS: - Throat 498mm (19"). - Max Thickness: 1.2mm. - Head Opening: 100mm. - Air requirement: 50-100 PSI. - Air Consumption: 4CFM. - 710 mm length, 400 mm width, 1200 mm height. - Weight 26 kilos. Planishing is a process used in auto body repair and sheet metal craft work such as medieval armour production.