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  • Brake Tube Bender 3/16 +1/4"

    Bender for pipes. Chrome plated. Profile gives two bend options.[...]

    Price 38.00€

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  • Digital Torque Ratchet 3/8"D

    Ratchet with digital Torque read-out. 3/8"D x 210mm long. Range 16-[...]

    Price 78.00€

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  • Bead Roller Radius Edge Die Set

    Increase the capabilities of your bead roller with these radius edge [...]

    Price 259.00€

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  • Professional Tubing Notcher

    Constructed from solid steel, this easy to use tube notcher is built [...]

    Price 339.00€

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  • 24″ Jumbo Aluminum Caliper

    Use for large measuring jobs around the garage or workshop. Quick and[...]

    Price 29.00€

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  • Bead Roller Guide Fence

    Keep it Straight - Create perfectly straight beads and offsets with i[...]

    Price 56.00€

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  • Metal Rod Bender

    The Eastwood Rod Forming Tool is a high quality, industrial style too[...]

    Price 55.00€

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  • Steering Wheel Puller Set

    Steering Wheel Puller Kit. One kit has it all stored and organized i[...]

    Price 29.50€

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  • Teardrop Mallets and Sandbag set

    Teardrop mallet and sandbag set: Contains: 2"-dia. mallet, 2-3/4"-dia[...]

    Price 99.00€

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  • Eastwood Elite Shrinker-Stretcher

    The Eastwood Elite Deep Jaw Shrinker Stretcher is designed for heavy-[...]

    Price 459.00€

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  • Eastwood Bead Roller 18"

    Add strength and rigidity to metal panels. Make replacement floor pa[...]

    Price 225.00€

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  • Shrinker and Stretcher Combo.

    Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Set handles most of your automotive metal-sh[...]

    Price 249.00€

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  • Eastwood Bead Roller Flange Dies - 3 Sets

    Includes 1/16", 1/8" & 1/4" Flanging Mandrels[...]

    Price 65.00€

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  • 2" Surface Prep Tool

    The Eastwood 2” Surface Prep Tool is a heavy-duty professional qual[...]

    Price 68.00€

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  • Sharks teeth spanner organiser

    Sharks teeth spanner organiser takes 20 spanners 420mm long. Ideal f[...]

    Price 6.50€

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