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  • Chamois Leather

    Genuine Chamois leather cloth is perfect for drying cars and boats. Y[...]

    Price 9.90€

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  • Nenette Dust Mop

    Nénette is a cotton fringe impregnated with a polishing liquid. It c[...]

    Price 19.75€

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  • California Car Duster

    American car dealers use this huge wooden handled 38cm [15 ] duster f[...]

    Price 31.00€

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  • Durablock kit.

    Each of these six Dura-Block® Sanding Blocks are made of closed-cell[...]

    Price 89.00€

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  • Panelbeater's Sandbag 18" + mallet 2,5"

    Once you add dry sand to this panel beater bag, it’ll support your [...]

    Price 89.95€

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  • Tap Wrench 3 pcs.

    These T handled tap wrenches are used in hand tapping or reaming oper[...]

    Price 15.90€

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  • Welding Arrows 3 pcs

    This 33lb Magnetic Arrow Welding Holder is useful to have around as a[...]

    Price 12.90€

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  • Retractable blade knife 18mm

    Stanley SM18 knife. Blade 18mm wide.[...]

    Price 5.90€

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  • 7/16 x 5" UNC Grade 5

    Bolt, Hex Head, Grade 5, Steel, Zinc Plated, 7/16 in.-14, 5.000 in.[...]

    Price 4.50€

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  • Cylindrical Wire Brush

    Cylindrical Wire Brush work with your drill to scrape away rust, pain[...]

    Price 4.95€

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  • Wire Loom Tape 19mm

    Wrap your cables in the traditional way without tape glue causing mes[...]

    Price 4.95€

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  • Dent Puller Kit with 10 Pads

    Includes 10 assorted glue pads. Instructions supplied. Manual opera[...]

    Price 59.00€

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  • Hand Seamer, 90°

    Ideal tool for use on the car when it is not possible to use a bench [...]

    Price 28.90€

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  • Colortune / Hi-Gauge Adaptor Kit 14mm Taper Slim

    This kit converts the thread on Colortune and Hi Gauge Compression Te[...]

    Price 9.70€

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  • Shock Preload Adjusting Tool

    Shock preload adjusting tool fits spring collars on Motorcycles: Siz[...]

    Price 13.50€

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