• Eastwood Sheet Metal Dimple Dies

    Create flares in sheet metal up to 1/8" thick using the Eastwood [...]

    Price 299.00€

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  • Hinge Tool

    Replace worn hinge pins to help restore proper door alignment. This [...]

    Price 48.00€

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  • Pulley Puller

    Pulley Puller for power steering and alternator pulleys. Special [...]

    Price 38.00€

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  • Terminal Tool

    Wire terminal removal tool. Removes wire terminals from block [...]

    Price 19.90€

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  • Flexible Teardrop Sanding Pad

    The Eastwood Flexible Teardrop Sanding Pad can help to bring your [...]

    Price 6.95€

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  • Panel Clip Removal Pliers

    Prevent Ruined Door Panels and Trim clips - Here's a tool that's [...]

    Price 34.00€

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  • Eastwood Bead Roller 18"

    Add strength and rigidity to metal panels. Make replacement floor [...]

    Price 225.00€

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  • Eastwood Elite Shrinker-Stretcher

    The Eastwood Elite Deep Jaw Shrinker Stretcher is designed for [...]

    Price 459.00€

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  • Shrinker and Stretcher Combo.

    Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Set handles most of your automotive [...]

    Price 249.00€

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  • Coil Spring Compressor

    Coil Spring Compressor, internal.

    Price 57.50€

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  • Door Hinge Tool

    Supplied with set of 4 pin pullers. 110mm long pin removers. 3mm, [...]

    Price 48.50€

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  • Long Reach Trim Remover

    Removes plastic trim fasteners easily with fine hook and extended [...]

    Price 13.90€

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  • Midget Panel Clamp Set 5pc

    Small clamp set ideal for door panels and pillars. Allows the door [...]

    Price 14.90€

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  • Abrasive Pen

    Retractable abrasive fibre. Ideal sanding stone chips prior to [...]


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  • Brake Tube Bender 3/16 +1/4"

    Bender for pipes. Chrome plated. Profile gives two bend options.

    Price 38.00€

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