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  • Eastwood Standard Socket Set 1/4" Drive 20 pcs SAE

    Eastwood 10-pc., SAE Deep Socket Sets are built for everyday use. Dee[...]

    Price 39.00€

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  • Car Indoor Cover. Black. Small

    Indoor Car Cover. Size: Medium. Dustproof and breathable. Material: [...]

    Price 74.00€

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  • Brake Line Armor 3/16" - 4.75mm. Steel.

    Three foot sections of 3/16 spiral wound steel brake line tubing armo[...]

    Price 19.95€

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  • Curve Template 107"

    When shaping metal or bending, often complicated contours need to be [...]

    Price 57.00€

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  • Door Skinning Tool

    How do you crimp a new door skin tight without marking the outside fa[...]

    Price 45.00€

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  • Wheel Dolly 2 pair

    Wheel Dollies are designed to locate underneath vehicle wheels, allow[...]

    Price 89.90€

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  • Brake Hose Clamp

    This handy little brake tool pinches flexible hoses without damaging [...]

    Price 7.90€

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  • Spare Awls Speedy Stitcher 3-pack

    Spare awls for Speedy Stitcher. 1 each: #4 small straight stainless [...]

    Price 16.90€

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  • Automatic Awl Speedy Stitcher Deluxe

    This kit includes the Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl, a bobbin wound with[...]

    Price 42.00€

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  • Automatic Awl Speedy Stitcher Plus

    A mid-tier clamshell display pack that includes the Speedy Stitcher S[...]

    Price 28.90€

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  • Spare Thread, "Speedy Stitcher" Tan

    A 30-yard skein of fine, waxed polyester thread. This three-filament,[...]

    Price 6.60€

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  • Spare Thread, "Speedy Stitcher" Tan

    A 30-yard skein of coarse, waxed polyester thread. This four-filament[...]

    Price 6.85€

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  • Seal Puller - Double ended

    Double ended seal puller. 200mm long with 25mm tapered ends. Manufa[...]

    Price 9.95€

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  • Hose Clip Tool 3/8"D

    3/8 "D. For hose clips found on modern engines. Ideal for difficult[...]

    Price 29.00€

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  • Craw Foot Wrench Set 10 pcs

    Ideal where access is restricted. Sizes: 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15[...]

    Price 48.50€

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