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New Products For July

  • 1/4 Inch Angle Air Die Grinder

    The Rockwood Right Angle Air Die Grinder is a heavy-duty professional quality tool ruggedly designed for many years of reliable service. 1/8” & [...]

    Price 43.50€

  • 1/4" Die Grinder

    Compare this 1/4" Mini Air Die Grinder to the more expensive brands and you'll come to the same conclusion we did: ours is just as good, and an even [...]

    Price 36.00€

  • Abrasive Cylinder P120 10 pack.

    Always wear appropriate face and hand protection when using this product. Excessive side-loading or unbalanced abrasives may cause damage. When [...]

    Price 15.50€

Shrinking Hammer
Shrinking Hammer