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  • Windscreen Installation Tool Set

    A handy set of tools for essential windscreen installation. For fitt[...]

    Price 18.30€

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  • Tube Straightener 5/8" o.d.

    The tool is very easy to use. Firstly, straighten the end of the tube[...]

    Price 63.00€

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  • Copper & Rawhide Hammer 1 kg

    Multi purpose, soft faced hammer for assembly, repair and maintenance[...]

    Price 52.00€

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  • Brake Pipe Straightener

    For straightening copper brake pipe which is usually sold in coils. [...]

    Price 37.50€

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  • Tube Straightener 3in1

    3 in 1 tube straightener for copper brake pipe and microbore pipe. Th[...]

    Price 78.00€

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  • Hose Clamp Set 2pc

    Made up of a pair of small hose clamps the 7254 clamp kit is ideal fo[...]

    Price 9.95€

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  • Drip Tray. Stainless. 60x45cm.

    Stainless steel drip tray 60 x 40cm tray x 48mm deep. Protect your d[...]

    Price 19.95€

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  • Wire Brush 4 Row

    Carbon steel wire and a soft grip handle makes this handy 4 row wire [...]

    Price 5.70€

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  • Wire Brush Set

    A 3 piece wire brush set complete with 2 Brass brushes (large and sma[...]

    Price 6.95€

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  • Abrasive Rolls P80-120-240. Mandrel 150 mm

    Kit contains 30 rolls, 80, 120 and grit (30 tapers), 6" mandrel and G[...]

    Price 47.00€

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  • Abrasive Rolls P80-120-240. Mandrel 100 mm

    Kit contains 30 rolls, 80, 120 and grit (30 tapers), 4" mandrel and G[...]

    Price 46.50€

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  • Bead Roller Offset Dies

    Perform Steps, Flanges and Joggles in sheet metal up to 16 gauge shee[...]

    Price 43.80€

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  • Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool

    This brake flaring tool will pay for itself with the first project, a[...]

    Price 238.00€

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  • 37 Deg Flare Die Set for 25304

    Add these 37-degree Flare Dies to our Pro Brake Tubing Flaring Tool s[...]

    Price 149.50€

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  • Mityvac Brake Bleeding Kit

    This versatile little pump moves about 1 cu. in. of fluid with each s[...]

    Price 79.00€

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